The brand Inteqmed is supported by three pillars: innovative brand value, efficiency and sustainability.

Creation of innovation

Innovation relates to products, services and internal processes – from improvement suggestions for day to day situations to the development of a new product.

Efficiency enhancement through comfortable dialogue

Modern customer care makes use of modern communication methods to enhance efficiency. Inteqmed has its own Web-App catalogue with which we utilize modern mobile technology thus opening new ways for clinic personnel to help them with “Business-to-Business” efficiently.

Living sustainability

Inteqmed feels that it is a family company and that it has a responsibility towards its personnel and the region in which it operates. This is the connection with “sustainability”. This goes hand in hand with an ecological economy and social commitments. Inteqmed offers financial and organizational support for projects towards the homeless and those in need.

We are looking forward to your ideas, improvement suggestions and hints. Should you not be able to find an adequate solution for your particular situation we will willingly and in an uncomplicated way, help you to find a solution.

Our catalogue as Web-App for Apples iPhone™ can be reached with an iPhone™ or an iPod Touch™. Here you will find our catalogue in pocket format. This way you will always have the newest information at your finger tips as and when you need it.