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New Antimicrobial Coating

Our arms are coated with antimicrobial elements to fight resistant bacterial strains which improves hygiene. We use the new so called Mankiewich´s coating system. If you prefer your coating system there is no problem for us to use that.

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Inteqmed are the only company that can offer an entire spectrum of articulated arms. You can profit from our expertise and extend the diversity of clinical work places in a more modern manor. With the modern medical technology from Inteqmed you are able to increase your success.

More success with inteqmed!

The following section contains an enormous variety of infusion stands. An ergonomic and flexible furnished workplace creates a comfortable and concise working climate. Effective patient care means success for all, for the clinic and the patients.

More success with inteqmed medical!

The following accessory program offers a never before seen overview of a variety of components for the modern medical technology world. We will be happy to find solutions together with you in order to optimise your success with the help of our wide range of future orientated products.

More success inteqmed!

with the latest LED technology

with modern ultrasonic technology

with mobile electrical power supply

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with the latest GAS technology, modern Swiss precision and with a huge amount of components

More success with Inteqmed

Our catalogue as Web-App for Apples iPhone™ can be reached with an iPhone™ or an iPod Touch™. Here you will find our catalogue in pocket format. This way you will always have the newest information at your finger tips as and when you need it.