Über uns

is a young medium-sized business and was founded in 2006 by qualified experts of the health care sector. Our main focus is based upon the expertise and information exchange with clinics in order to develop the best possible accessories for use in a medical environment. We offer components and systems which are smart solutions and can be implemented at short notice in clinics, casualty departments and operation theatres. Our most important objective is the communication with those who uses our products: nurses, doctors and, of course, the technical personnel. Our portfolio covers a wide range of applications within the clinical environment. We react in a very flexible manner towards the individual needs of particular functional areas and offer best possible solutions.

We are supported by three pillars:




Creation of Innovation

Innovation relates to products, services and internal processes – from improvement suggestions for day to day situations to the development of a new products.

Efficiency enhancement through comfortable dialogue

Modern customer care makes use of modern communication methods to enhance efficiency. has its own Web-App catalogue with which we utilize modern mobile technology, thus opening new ways for clinic personnel to assist them efficiently with “Business-to-Business”.

Living sustainability

feels itself as a family company and has a responsibility towards its personnel and the region in which it operates. This is the connection with “sustainability”. This goes hand in hand with an ecological economy and social commitment. offers financial and organizational support for projects towards homeless people and those in need.

We are looking forward to your ideas, improvement suggestions and hints. Should you not be able to find an adequate solution for your particular situation we willingly assist you to find a solution in an uncomplicated way.

Open your mind – Your ideas are important to us

With “Open your mind” gives a promise to its customers and colleagues: Using medical/technical knowledge for innovation and sharing it with its partners, to use it effectively and consequently. strives to develop new products, continually improve products and processes within clinics and to increase the levels of safety for users and patients. Our products are conceived around the wishes of those, who use them, and at the same time matched with market requirements. To further develop our product portfolio, we invite you to speak with us, send us your incentives, criticism, point of view or ideas. Do you have any ideas for new products or hints to improve existing products? If so please share your knowledge with us because you know best how our products work in day to day life.

We will treat your correspondence confidentially as a matter of course and all rights will stay with you as the originator.