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More movement with new medicial technology!

 is a young medium-sized business and was founded in 2006 by qualified experts of the health care sector. Our main focus is based upon the expertise and information exchange with clinics in order to develop the best possible accessories for use in a medical environment.

Because of the high level of trust and the close cooperation with our OEM partners, our products were developed further.

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Our focus is on the customer and primarily the solution of customer requirements. For this reason we do not consider our portfolio as an isolated unit. We target the clinical environment so that we can find the best solutions together with our customers:



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We have not „only“ produced a catalogue. We have produced a portfolio on which we worked for over one year so that we can offer the user more than just a simple overview of the products. We have created a platform which offers clarity and information. The quality stands above everything you have ever seen as far as catalogues go. We offer a unique catalogue for accessories in the medical technology sector.

Feel free to download our digitalized catalogue and read it whenever and on any device you want – no matter if you are at home or on your way.