Our focus is on the customer and primarily the solution of customer requirements. For this reason we do not consider our portfolio as an isolated unit. We target the clinical environment so that we can find the best solutions together with our customers. We have no consultation fees and will be very happy to work with you on site. Naturally you will always receive professional advice on our products:



Interface solution

Individual solutions

 helps you to find the right accessories during the planning phase. With us you will quickly and without complications or extra costs, find the solutions you need for your project. With you save time and resources when looking for interface concepts.

We provide free training for on our products. Feel free to speak to us.

Service in logistics and purchasing

We will organise the C-parts logistics for you and thus help to reduce the overall costs significantly. If you intend to use a particular amount of products per annum or need to have products but do not have the storage capacity, need the goods in smaller portions, we will be happy to offer you solutions which will help you to improve your resource and purchase conditions significantly. In technical jargon: We will optimise the “Total Cost of Ownership” for you.